Glacier International Airport
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Don’t like a bored time builder to build his experience instead of yours? Don’t like a impatient wanna-be commander-in-chief treat you his way? Don’t want to have inexperienced pilot instructors when you spend the big buck?

Prefer to be listened to and to be taken care for? Choose the empathic instructors of glacier flight training

End get what you expect for your money and time: Real world instrument flight training with ingredients like fun, wowing and holidays.

I just loved it, just heaven!

Guenter Duerr
onsine ag
Büro Rankweg 17
4402 Frenkendorf

Guenter DuerrFrenkendorf, Switzerland

I am so excited to be a student pilot training with Glacier Flight Training. They have been very accommodating to my busy work schedule and my desire to get up in the air quickly. Finally, my boyhood dream of flying is coming true! I am especially happy about their professionalism and making me and my family feel comfortable about my general wellbeing in flying safely while training. Thanks for the wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to get my private pilot license.

Michael SeelyKalispell, MT

After 24 years of flying as a private pilot, I decided to obtain my instrument rating. I like to check with several sources when I make important decisions and Glacier Flight Training kept coming up as the one to go to. My expectations were exceeded, as I went through training and passed my Instrument check ride. Now that I am the proud owner of a new Cirrus SR22 Glacier Flight Training is making the transition from Mooneys and Cessna 172’s smooth and fun!

Scott HollingerBig Fork, MT

I went to Glacier Flight training after some unsuccessful training at other schools and with multiple instructors. Glacier Flight Training is actually my fourth attempt to find quality flight training.

I like flying at Glacier Int. Airport and working out of Edwards Jet Centers facilities. It’s a professional environment and everyone is very personable and easy to talk too. From the ladies in the office to the gents out on the flight line, You get what you ask for! I do enjoy the services offered at Glacier Flight Training. Best of all they can take me as a student pilot through a commercial rating to meet my dreams goal.

Jerry JacksonColumbia Falls, MT

In the summer of 2010, I began my Instrument Flight training with Glacier Flight Training in my Cirrus SR22. Glacier Flight Training customized a 13 day advanced cross country instrument course. Learning GPS WAAS instrument approaches, filing IFR, flying airways and approaches over Montana, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona.

As agreed we began an accelerated Instrument Training Course in the fall. We were in need of good weather every day so we headed to our home in Sedona Arizona.

Michelle and I had a lot of fun learning how to fly instrument approaches, including WASS approaches and becoming more familiar with my avionics and GPS functions.

I would also like to add that my wife and I invited Michelle to stay in our home during the course of our training.

Michelle is intelligent, professional, dependable and honest, and is an amazing pilot. As an instructor I found her to be one of the finest I have ever worked with.

Personally we found it a joy to have her in our home, so helpful, kind and very clean, was no work at all.

We feel it a privilege to have had the opportunity to spend time with Michelle and still continue to enjoy a friendly professional association.

You may feel free to contact us.

P.O. Box 627
Troy, Mt. 59935

Rick and Cindy DeCarloTroy, MT