Glacier International Airport
4170 Hwy 2 East
Kalispell, MT 59901

Foreign Pilot Examiner


Glacier Flight Training welcomes pilots from around the world! Michelle Petrina is a Foreign Pilot Examiner and can issue you U.S. FAA Pilot License based on your current foreign pilot license & medical in accordance to FAR 61.75.

You will need a Flight Review in accordance to FAR 61.56 to exercise your new U.S. FAA Pilot License. You can schedule the Flight Review with Glacier Flight Training the same day of your appointment.

Here are some common questions & answers that might be useful for planning your trip to the U.S. Please feel free to contact us at (406) 261-9386 or e-mail us at if you have additional questions.

Is the Flight Review similar to a practical exam or check ride?

No! In accordance to FAR 61.56 your requirement is one hour ground and one hour flight. If you require a little more time, additional ground or flight instruction it’s no problem. This should be a fun and enjoyable experience in beautiful Montana!

Which syllabus do you recommend?

Both are an excellent product and provide structured step by step guidelines for you to follow with your instructor. Your training with Glacier Flight Training will be similar to a college class but a lot more fun!
We recommend the Cessna pilot training kit for those students who prefer to have the same material presented to them by DVD & CD’s. You watch a 45 minute to 1 hour long lesson then take the quiz after the DVD is complete. Cessna has the leading educators in aviation teaching these lessons! This system tends to save students money on ground instruction.

Now that I have my third class medical certificate (student pilot’s license) what next?

Purchase your Cessna Private Pilot Syllabus and Kit from
Start your flight training!
Start studying for your FAA written exam (it will save YOU money in the long run).

What are some of the names and phone numbers of the FAA Medical Examiners?

Dr. Vranish Kalispell, MT (406) 752-8120
Dr. Dixion Kalispell, MT (406) 752-8120

How much will the FAA medical exam cost? What can I expect at the doctor’s office for a class three medical? Should I bring anything with me?

You should bring your driver’s license or passport for I.D. It will cost you approximately $100.00. The appointment is similar to sports physical or commercial driver’s physical.

After the introductory flight lesson, I am 100% sure I want to be a pilot! How do I proceed?

You should make an appointment with an FAA Medical Examiner and get a “class three” medical certificate. The certificate the doctor gives you is your STUDENT PILOTS LICENSE! We recommend you have your flight physical as soon as practicable to assure you are physically eligible to become a pilot. You do not want to waste valuable time and money if you’re unable to pass the physical. The class three medical or student pilot’s license is valid from the date of issuance for three years if you are under the age of forty, and two years if you’re over the age of forty.

Could you tell me a quick overview of what it will cost, and how long it will take before I am a private pilot?

The average student will spend approximately $5,500 to $6,500 to become a licensed pilot. The cost depends on you as the student! It will cost you less if you’re flying three times a week verses flying once a month. If you have the time and money, you can obtain your license in just over a month providing the weather cooperates! Most student pilots solo between 12 and 18 hours of flight time. Once you have solo will come to the airport rent the plane and practice what you have learned with your instructor. The FAA requires you to have:

  • Forty hours total time in the airplane (national average is 70 hours).
  • Ten hours of this time will be solo (you will not pay for an instructors time, just the airplane rental per hour).
  • Twenty five hours approximately of ground instruction (this will depend on your ability to get homework done and prepare for the lessons).
  • $329.00 for the Cessna private pilot kit.
  • $ 80.00 for the Private Pilot Written exam.
  • $ 60.00 Test prep for the private pilot written exam and software (optional).
  • $280.00 on up for a head set (there are headsets available to use at the school at no additional cost. Some students have been successful buying David Clark headsets on E-Bay).
  • $400.00 for your check ride (practical exam with an FAA examiner).

I am interested in becoming a pilot, how do I get started?

Take an introductory flight lesson! It is important to have hands on experience flying an airplane prior to making the final commitment to obtain your private pilot’s license. We recommend you bring along your spouse to educate them and answer any questions they may have. This includes forty minutes of ground instruction and one hour flight lesson in a Cessna 172! You will also:

  • Tour the facilities and see the airplanes available for instruction and rent.
  • You will learn how to preflight the airplane in preparation for our flight.
  • We will discuss where you would like to fly and introduce an aviation (map) sectional.
  • You will review the “cheat sheet” for ATC communications with the tower, and if you’re comfortable, you will request permission to taxi to the run up area on the airport and depart the runway.
  • You will taxi the airplane from the parking to the runway using differential breaking with your feet.
  • With the assistance of a professional FAA certified flight instructor, you will depart the airport and practice constant airspeed climbs, level flight, turns, and much more.
  • Providing the wind is calm, you will assist on the landing.
  • You will receive a beautiful certificate of completion because of your first flight!

I am a licensed pilot visiting from out of town, or just want to get checked out in the plane, how much will it cost and how much time will it take?

Please bring a copy of your pilot’s license, log book, current medical and a driver’s license.

The C172 check out is NOT a check ride, it’s an opportunity to become familiar with the Flathead Valley and apply good aeronautical decisions making to mountain flying. The goal is that you can operate the airplane safely and proficiently. There is no minimum time for the C172 check out. Your flight time with an instructor may apply towards a flight review or phase in the FAA sponsored WINGS program.

Once I complete my private and instrument flight training, dose Glacier Flight Training offer additional advance training for my commercial, Certified Flight Instructor license (CFI) and my Certified Flight Instructors Instrument license (CFII)?

Yes we do! Our FAA certified instructors can transition you into high performance and complex airplanes. Providing professional flight training to take you through your certified flight instructor’s license. Factory certified instructor for the SR22 Cirrus, Colombia 400, Meridian, and more. These airplanes have glass cockpits and we are excited to help you master your skills using technically advanced avionics. We are proud to be one of the only flight schools in Montana to offer advanced pilot training utilizing this equipment.